The Key To Successfully Recovering From Your Cataract Surgery

You can get your eyesight with cataract surgery. It is a simple and quick surgery which doesn't take very long but can give you your lift back. The recovery process doesn't take very long, but there are still things you can do to aid your recovery.

#1 Get a Ride Home

Don't expect to get in your vehicle and drive yourself home. After all, you just had eye surgery. Although the surgery doesn't take that long, the effects on your vision will temporarily render you unable to drive. Have a friend on hand to drive or arrange for alternative transportation. It is not safe for you to drive after your surgery.

You are going to want to put off driving until your vision is fully functional and you are past the period of needing to wear corrective lenses while your eyes adapt to the change in your eyesight. You may need to arrange for alternate transportation for a several days to a week.

#2 Pick Up Your Prescription

Next, your eye doctor is going to give you a prescription for special eye drops. These eye drops are different than your regular eye drops, so be sure to fulfill the prescription. You need to be very careful about hygiene around your eyes; they are very sensitive right now. Wash your eyes thoroughly before you apply the eye drops and use the eye drops as instructed by your eye doctor.

#3 Limit Your Movements

You need to limit your movements as you heal. That means you should not be moving around suddenly, playing with your children, or playing with your pets. You should also avoid playing any sports for a few weeks while your eyes recover. You don't want to risk getting jolted or hit in the eye while you are recovering from your surgery. There is no point in compromising and risking the health of your eye and your vision.

#4 Be Careful When You Sleep

You need to be careful as you prepare to go to sleep. You need to thoroughly clean your protective cup with soap before you put it on each night. You don't want to get an infection from a dirty protective cup. When you sleep, try to not sleep on the side of your eye that was operated on. Sleep on your other side or your back while your eye is getting better.

As you are recovering from cataract surgery, get someone else to give you a ride, be sure to use your prescription eye drops, be careful with your movements and be very careful as you sleep.

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