Eye Exams: Are They Necessary?

Your eyes may be the least of your concerns on days when you're running around for work or trying to raise a family. You might have relatives or friends with glasses, but without them, you may never imagine eye exams to be a vital part of your life. However, even in the midst of a busy life, eye exams are just as needed as other health screenings and visits during the year. Why?

Vision Correction Could Be Needed 

How are you sure that glasses or contacts are unneeded if you haven't seen professionals? You may feel some comfort about your vision and not notice that lenses could improve it. However, after one examination where you look into lenses which dramatically improve the quality of what you see, you could begin to accept that correction vision is beneficial.

Examinations are especially useful if you drive or sit with a computer all day. In fact, you may, even now, be showing some symptoms of the kind of eye strain which necessitates vision correction. For instance, if a long day of computer-related work often ends in a headache-filled night, it may not be stress or work-related; it could be your eyes. If you've started rubbing your eyes frequently because they feel tired, that too could mean that your vision needs to be evaluated and possibly corrected. Exams could help.

Other Eye-Related Ailments Are Being Experienced

Even with fantastic, strong vision, eyes may still need an expert look. Dry eyes, for example, need care so that worse eye problems don't develop. Special drops and other recommendations can alleviate itching and pain; if you never realized that your eyes shouldn't be as dry as they are, the relief you experience could be considerable. Your eyes could feel better after being examined.

Other Health Conditions Could Be Noticed

Your eyes could be sending messages about other body issues. For instance, a yellowing cornea or one surrounded by rings could reveal cholesterol problems. If you have lupus or another autoimmune issue, an early indicator could be inflammation of your eyes. Oddities in eye blood vessels could be linked to hypertension. A simple examination of each eye could present you with a fuller picture of your overall health.

Your eyes are important in your life. Their examination should be a part of any health maintenance plan. Optometrists, ophthalmologists, and other vision professionals can perform screenings and provide more optical information.

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