Foolproof Tricks That Will Keep Your Glasses In Place

You might find it annoying that your glasses keep sliding down your face and that you need to keep adjusting them. Even worse is if your glasses fall off and become damaged. To avoid this from happening, you may need a new set of glasses that are designed to not fall off, and there are other handy tricks.

Buy New Glasses

Consider buying glasses designed to not slip down your face. Some glasses will hook around your ears. Even if you don't like how the hooks look, if you have longer hair, no one will even be seeing the hooks. Also, consider buying glasses that aren't made of plastic. Plastic glasses have less friction and are more likely to slide.

Use Wax

If you already have plastic glasses, consider using wax made for glasses. This product comes in a tube and is applied to the frames to increase friction and reduce the likelihood that they will slide off.

Use Hair Bands

If you do not want to run out and buy a new pair of glasses, another option is to hold your glasses in place with hair bands. In addition to keeping your glasses from slipping, hair bands can hold your glasses in a position where they are more level with your eyes.

Have Your Glasses Adjusted

Head to an optician to find out if your glasses are the right size for your head. You might need to have your glasses adjusted. But this will be less expensive than completely replacing your glasses.

If you cannot get in to have your glasses adjusted, you could use a heat gun to make the temple arms more pliable. Then, you can bend them inward, so they wrap more around your head. They will then be more likely to stay in place.

Use Adhesive Nose Pads

Replace your current nose pads with adhesive nose pads. These will stick to your nose and hold your glasses in place. However, they will also change how your glasses sit on your face so that you may prefer a different option. One downside of this option is that the adhesive nose pads wear out and will eventually need to be replaced.

Install Rubber Tubing

Some individuals place pieces of rubber tubing over the armrests. Rubber tubing will heat-shrink in place and will hold your glasses in place. But regardless of the option you choose, there will be a perfect solution that will keep your glasses on your face.

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