When Should You See Your Optometrist Outside Of Your Yearly Exams

It is important to make sure that you are well aware that there may come a time when you are going to need to be seen by your trusted optometrist outside of your normal yearly visits. Understanding the signs that it is time to schedule such an appointment is important to preserve the health of your eyes. Here are some of those signs:

You Are Noticing More Floaters In Your Eyes Than Normal

You will want to make sure that you are keeping in mind that simply spotting some floaters in your line of vision is not an immediate cause for concern. This is a normal thing that many people will experience at various times throughout their lives. However, if you have suddenly found that you are experiencing many more floater than you are used to seeing, it might be a sign of a bigger issue. This is something you will want to discuss with your eye care professional as soon as possible.

You Are Experiencing A Lot Of Eye Pain

A single bout of some eye pain might not be a major concern, but if it is something that is occurring time and time again, then it is something that needs to be brought to the attention of your eye care professional. He or she will be able to use their tools and scanning devices to get a good look at the inside of your eye. This will tell them if there is anything going on that needs to be dealt with either different corrective lenses or possibly surgery.

You Can No Longer Safely Drive At Night

If you have found that it is now a lot harder for you to drive at night, especially with the headlights of oncoming traffic blinding you, it is time to talk with a professional. It could be an issue that is linked to eye trouble that could be corrected. If not, then you may simply have to refrain from driving at night. Either way, it is important to know just what it is that you are dealing with so you can move past this.

When you talk with your optometrist about the issues that you have been having, make sure that you are getting an explanation about anything else you should be watching for, as those problems may indicate that your eye condition is getting worse or that you are in need to emergency care.

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